Humans Are Alright is a YouTube channel I started in summer 2022 as a way to reconnect with my local community.
The project is a series of mini documentaries featuring people that have placed creativity at the center of their livelihoods, and is an ongoing work in progress. Each episode delves into a person’s motivations behind their craft, looks at inspirations and what drives them to create artwork. The story is told through the artist, as they share their passions, challenges, and successes along the way.
Making art with what you have ~ An interview and studio tour with Ryan Antooa
Ryan Antooa is a Kitchener based visual artist, graphic designer, and musician, among many other things. In this mini documentary he shares his beginnings an artist while he was on sabbatical; discussing initial works with letroset and using left over materials to constrict full pieces. He draws from eclectic inspiration including Virgil Abloh, Ray Gun Magazine and from a love for Japanese culture and Akira Kurosawa films.
Video by Matthew Viveen
Interviews with Ryan Antooa
Music by Macroblank - スモークマンゴー