This was a music video I directed for Smokey & The Sugar Glider’s EP release.
It's also one that is dear to me since it took immense amounts of creative and physical energy to direct and shoot this. Facing many challenges (including language barriers) I still think this came about purely through the passion of the band and crew members. This is also the type of content I lean towards, so it was a miracle and also incredibly fulfilling to produce this. Shot in Yokohama, and Tokyo Japan in the spring of 2018.
Music Credits
Guitar & Vocal: Mary
Bass: Shoko Nakamura
Keyboards: Arisa
Guitar: Kohei Kamiguchi
Drums: Yoshihiro Kawamura

Video Credits
Director: Matthew Viveen
Camera: Matthew Viveen, Tomomi Masubuchi, Esperanza Benavides
Editor: Yuichi Tamura