This was the first music video I ever directed. It was for Smokey & The Sugar Glider’s EP release (I'd highly recommend giving it a listen). It's also one that is dear to me since it took immense amounts of creative and physical energy to direct and shoot this. Facing many challenges (including language barriers) I still think this came about purely through the passion of the band and crew members. This is also the type of content I lean towards, so it was a miracle and also incredibly fulfilling to produce this. Shot in Yokohama, and Tokyo Japan in the spring of 2018.
Music Credits
Guitar & Vocal: Mary
Bass: Shoko Nakamura
Keyboards: Arisa
Guitar: Kohei Kamiguchi
Drums: Yoshihiro Kawamura
Video Credits
Director: Matthew Viveen
Camera: Matthew Viveen, Tomomi Masubuchi, Esperanza Benavides
Editor: Yuichi Tamura